Penn Humanities Forum
Founder and Director, 1999–2010

The Penn Humanities Forum is the humanities center of Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences. It was founded in 1999 under the directorship of Wendy Steiner to encourage communication across the academic disciplines and to demonstrate the value of humanistic thought to the general public, a double aim reflected in the choice of Forum as its name.

The Forum’s first program was a city-wide Celebration of Philadelphia Writers, involving collaborations with two dozen local cultural organizations and attendance by over 2000 Philadelphians. Since then, PHF has sponsored a public events series each year including lectures by such distinguished scholars and artists as Steven Pinker, Mario Vargos Llosa, Art Spiegelman, Jenny Holzer, Kiki Smith, and Julianne Baird.

The Forum sponsors the research of its Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Graduate Humanities Forum, and the Undergraduate Humanities Forum. Full information about these academic programs and all other aspects of the Forum is available at:




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