The requirements for this class fall into three categories: Attendance, Preparation and Participation, and Written Work.

·        Preparation and Participation : You should read all of the assigned texts, or view an assigned film, at least once before the corresponding class meeting, and come to class ready to participate in our discussions or peer review workshops. You will be randomly evaluated for your class participation six times over the course of the semester. I will grade you in class on those days using the following grading scale:

0 points= You were absent, daydreaming, reading the newspaper, sleeping, or otherwise disengaged from what was going on in class that day.

1 point= You may not have verbally participated by you showed an active engagement and interest in class discussion or workshops.

2 points= In addition to showing active engagement and interest in class or workshops, you participated in discussion at least once.

3 points= You participated in discussion at least once and demonstrated your knowledge and understanding of the assigned text in your comments.

4 points= You participated multiple times during our class discussions by responding to discussion questions, adding to your classmates' comments, posing questions of your own, offering an interesting reading of the day's texts, or advancing class discussion in other ways. During workshops or small group activities, you actively listened and responded to group discussions and gave constructive criticism to your classmates' writing.

I will drop your lowest discussion grade from the semester.

Your participation grade will also be based on the following:

o       Historical Presentation-You and a partner will give a fifteen minute presentation on an assigned topic on early modern English history. You will be expected to perform research (with my guidance) and offer the class materials that will inform and further our knowledge and understanding of the subject.

·        Written Work : The required written work for this class takes several forms, not all of which will be graded, but all of which are important.

o       Essays-- The formal essays for this class will be analytic and argumentative essays. You must revise each essay once (with guidance and feedback from me and your peers). Your final grade for an essay will be the average of your grades on the original version and the revised version.

o       Short Assignments-You will complete short assignments (no longer than two pages) throughout the semester.. These assignments will each be directed at building specific writing skills.

o       Listserv Posts - Throughout the semester, I will announce a topic or question in certain weeks to be discussed on the class discussion board prior to the next class meeting. You will then be responsible for posting responses of no more than 300 words to the class discussion board by 5PM the evening before the next class meeting. These are not meant to be formal or finished essays, of course, but they should be coherent and grammatical; please proofread and edit them before posting to the group.

Grading Your final grade will be based on the following percentages:


Preparation and participation as follows:

       Class Participation                        25%

    Historical Presentation                 10%


Written work, distributed as follows:

       Short Assignments                        10%

       Essay 1                                         10%

        Essay 2                                         20%

    Final Essay                                   25%




***Please note that if you do not complete or otherwise receive a failing grade on any one of these assignments, you will receive a failing grade for the course.