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Unit I (September 10-October 10)
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3  
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Unit II (October 17-November 7)
Week 6
Week 7
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Unit III (November 12-December 5)
Week 10
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September 5

Introductions, Blackboard Instruction


Unit I: Representing Race, Racism, and Violence


Week 1

September 10

Reading Assignment: Toni Morrison, "Recitatif"

Class Exercise: Creative Critical Writing

Writing Exercise: Style


September 12

Class Exercise: Close Reading

Writing Exercise: One page close reading of a poem

One Page Style Exercise Due

Week 2

September 17

Othello, Acts I and II

Writing Exercise: Handout on "A" Student Critical Prose Style
One Page Close Reading Exercise Due


September 19

Othello Act III

Distribute First Essay Assignment and OED Workshop

Writing Exercise: Pre-Writing Techniques


Week 3

September 24

Othello, Act IV

Writing Exercise: Introductory Paragraphs
Pre-Writing Exercise Due (outline, clustering, free write, etc.)

September 26

Essay I Due In Class

Class Exercise: Revision and the Five Most Common Mistakes

Peer Group Work


Week 4 (Conferences this week on Essay I)

October 1

Class Exercise: Workshop of Essay I

Peer Review Comments of Peer Group Essays Due

October 3

In-Class Performance of Othello
Act V

Writing Exercise: Close Reading of Othello's speech
Five Most Common Mistakes/Style Exercise Due

Week 5

October 8

The Dutchman  (read the whole play)

Othello Close Reading Exercise Due

October 10

In-Class Performance of The Dutchman
Finish Discussion of The Dutchman
and Othello

Writing Exercise: Paragraph Exercise Part 1


Week 6

October 15

Writing Exercise: Paragraph Exercise Part 2
Essay I Revision Due In Class

Unit 2: Multiple Identities: Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality on the Stage

October 17

M. Butterfly Act I
Writing Exercise: Paragraphs on M. Butterfly: Posted to discussion board by 5:00 Sunday

Week 7

October 22

M. Butterfly, Acts II  and III
Essay 2 Assignment Distributed in Class

Writing Exercise: Essay Structure

Handout: How to "Read" a Film

October 24

Discuss film version of M. Butterfly (screening time TBA)
In-Class Peformance of M. Butterfly

Week 8

October 29

Giving Up the Ghost


October 31

In-Class Performance of Giving Up the Ghos

Reading: Giving Up the Ghost
Little English Handbook
on MLA Citation Style

MLA Citation Assignment Due

Friday, November 1
Essay #2 Due in my Mailbox by 4:00

Week 9

November 5

Class Workshop on Essay #2


November 7
Wrap-up and Discussion of Unit
Peer Group Meetings

Unit 3: Race and Class


Week 10

November 12

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


November 14

Six Degrees of Separation



Week 11

November 19

Six Degrees of Separation


November 21

Six Degrees of Separation


Week 12

November 26

Essay 3 Due In Class


November 28 Thanksgiving


Week 13

December 3

Final Workshop


December 5

Class Party


**Portfolios Due December 13th