Weekly Schedule


petrarchRenaissance Literature and Culture, an Overview

Week 1:
Wednesday, 9/6: Syllabus, Introductions, etc.
Friday, 9/8 Introductory Lecture

Week 2:
Monday, 9/11 Selected Sonnets of Shakespeare (Handout)
Wednesday, 9/13 Selections from Spenser's Ruins of Rome (Handout)
Friday, 9/15 Sonnets, continued


The Classical WorldLongleat

Week 3:
Monday, 9/18 Titus Andronicus
Wednesday, 9/20 Titus
Friday, 9/22 Titus

Week 4:
Monday, 9/25 Titus and selection from Ovid's
Metamorphoses (Handout)
Wednesday, 9/27 Titus
Friday, 9/29 First Essay Due

Longleat Manuscript Illustrating
a scene from Titus Andronicus

New Worlds

Week 9:
Monday, 10/30 Midterm Exam
Wednesday, 11/1 Amerigo Vespucci's letter from the New World (Handout)
Friday, 11/3 Begin Utopia


Ortelius's Map of Utopia

Week 10:
Monday, 11/6 Utopia, Book One
Wednesday, 11/8 Utopia, Book Two
Friday, 11/10 Utopia, Book Two, continued

Week 11:
Monday, 11/13 The Sea Voyage
Wednesday, 11/15 The Sea Voyage
Friday, 11/17 The Sea Voyage

Week 12:
Monday, 11/20 Tour of Library Exhibit: Literae Humaniores
Second Essay Due

Wednesday, 11/22 No Class
Friday, 11/24 (Thanksgiving Break)
The Medieval Past

Week 5:
Monday, 10/2 Richard III
Wednesday, 10/4 Richard III
Friday, 10/6 Richard III

Week 6:
Monday, 10/9 Richard III
Wednesday, 10/11 Richard III

Friday, 10/13 Faerie Queene, Book II, Prologue, Canto I

Week 7:
Monday, 10/16 Faerie Queene, Book II, Cantos 2-4
Wednesday, 10/18 Faerie Queene, Book II, Cantos 5-7
Friday, 10/20 Faerie Queene, Book II, Cantos 8-10

Week 8:
Monday, 10/23 No Class (Fall Break)
Wednesday, 10/25 Faerie Queene, Book II, Cantos 11-12
Friday, 10/27 Faerie Queene, Midterm Review

Monday, 10/30 Midterm Exam

Saint George Slaying the Dragon 

Week 13:
Monday, 11/27 Doctor FaustusJohn Foxe's Actes and Monuments Title Pagee
Wednesday, 11/29 Faustus
Friday, 12/1 Faustus

Week 14:
Monday, 12/4 Faustus

Wednesday, 12/6 Foxe's Acts and Monuments (Coursepack
Class in Library's Rare Books and Manuscript Room

Friday, 12/8 (Last Day of Classes)

Final Exam: Friday, December 15, 12:00-2:00

Title Page, John Foxe's Actes and Monuments