Stuart Curran

Vartan Gregorian Professor of English

member, Graduate Group in Comparative Literature & Literary Theory

Director, Center for Italian Studies

at the

University of Pennsylvania.

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Here is a developing copy of Mary Robinson's Lyrical Tales (1800).

Course materials for fall of 1994: for English 50 and for English 551.

Course materials for spring 1995: for English 205.

Course materials for fall 1995: for English 205/505 and for English 250.

Course materials for fall 1996: for English 202 and for English 205-505 and for English 250.

Course materials for spring 1997: for English 202 and for English 552.

Course materials for spring 1999: for English 205-505 and for English 552.

University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences; Van Pelt Library; Department of English.

We want the creative faculty to imagine that which we know;

we want the generous impulse to act that which we imagine;

we want the poetry of life;

our calculations have outrun conception;

we have eaten more than we can digest.

--P. B. Shelley

These I consider local fountains for ever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight:

Here I tend to find the germs of the flower and the fruit of latest time:

Electronic Text Sources

. . .episodes of the cyclic poem written by Time on the memories of men. . .




Le Fonti per gli Studi Italiani

Dante was the first awakener of entranced Europe . . . the Lucifer of that starry flock which in the thirteenth century shone forth from republican Italy, as from a heaven, into the darkness of the benighted world.

Humanities Computing

where new relations are ever developed, the source of an unforeseen and an unconceived delight.


. . .hieroglyphics of thought. . .



THEORY AND PRACTICE (mainly fiction)



. . .receptacles of a thousand unapprehended combinations of thought. . .

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