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English 552

British Writers: 1801-1830

Tuesday: 12-3; 319 BH

12 January:
Introduction; Irish harping (Dermody, Moore, Owenson handouts); Edgeworth, Castle Rackrent.

19 January:
Scott, Marmion; Wordsworth, The White Doe of Rylstone; Southey, The Curse of Kehama.

6 January:
Scott, Waverley.

2 February:
Shelley, Queen Mab; "Alastor"; Keats, "Sleep and Poetry," Endymion.

9 February:
Austen, Persuasion; Edgeworth, Ennui.

16 February:
Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, "Prometheus," "Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte."

23 February:
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus; Shelley, "Mont Blanc"; Byron, Manfred.

2 March:
Shelley, "Lines Written among the Euganean Hills," "Julian and Maddalo," The Cenci; Hunt-Hazlitt dramatic criticism.

16 March:
Shelley, Prometheus Unbound, "Ode to the West Wind," "Ode to Liberty," "Mask of Anarchy." -- {1st paper due}

23 March:
Keats, Odes, "Eve of St. Agnes," "Hyperion," "The Fall of Hyperion."

30 March:
Jane Taylor, "Poetry and Reality," "Recreation," "A Pair," "Philip";--George Crabbe, from The Borough ("Peter Grimes");-- John Clare, from Poems Descriptive of Real Life and Scenery ("Summer Evening," "Summer Morning," "Crazy Nell";--Thomas Love Peacock, "The Four Ages of Poetry";--Shelley, "A Defence of Poetry."

6 April:
Shelley, "The Triumph of Life"; James Hogg, Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.

13 April:
Byron, Don Juan.

20 April:
Mary Shelley, Valperga (1824);--Felicia Hemans, Records of Woman (1828);--Alfred Tennyson, from Poems of Two Brothers (1827), from Poems, Chiefly Lyrical (1830). -- {2nd paper due}

Requirements: two 10-page papers (undergraduates, submatriculants, and first-year graduate students); one 20+ page paper (advanced graduate students).

Texts by Austen, Byron, Edgeworth, Hogg, Keats, Scott (Waverley), and the Shelleys: Penn Book Center; others supplied in photoduplicate or (e.g. 1/21 texts; Peacock, "Four Ages") to be found in the library.

Supplementary text: Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism (1992), ed. Stuart Curran.