Theatre Arts 236


Professor Mazer

Fall 2012


519 Annenberg Center, 3-2659;

Office Hours:  Tu, Th 1:30-2:30, and by appointment



I.  Language, objectives, action:  Sonnets; Chorus and scenes from Romeo and Juliet.

John Barton, Playing Shakespeare (DVD, on reserve in Rosengarten), Cicely Berry, The actor and the Text (chapters TBA).


Ç$d ¿+GÇ$—$_II.  Shakespeare’s Stage and Stagecraft:  Romeo and Juliet and Henry IV Parts One and Two.

Essays and chapters by Alan C. Dessen:

“Linking Analogue” (fro.m Elizabethan Drama and the Viewer’s Eye); “Elizabethan Darkness and Modern Lighting,” and “Theatrical Metaphor:  Seeing and Not-Seeing” (from Elizabethan Stage Conventions and Modern Interpreters);  “Much virtue in As,” “The Vocabulary of ‘Place,’” and “‘Romeo opens the tomb’” (from Recovering Shakespeare’s Theatrical Vocabulary).  (Blackboard)


Ç$d ¿+GÇ$—$_III.  Text and Performance.

            Examples from Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.


IV.  Playing the Scene/Building a Play:  Henry IV Parts One and Two.


Ç$d ¿+GÇ$—$_V.  Speaking the Verse, Creating the Character.

Richard Paul Knowles, “Shakespeare, Voice, and Ideology:  Interrogating the Natural Voice”; Sarah Werner, “Performing Shakespeare: Voice Training and the Feminist Actor,” with responses from Cicely Berry, Patsy Rodenburg, and Kristin Linklater, and follow up response from Sarah Werner (bulkpack)


VII.  The Director:  Conceiving a Production:

            Henry IV Parts One and Two.




There will be TWO take-home assignments, at dates to be announced, and A FINAL TERM PAPER/PROJECT on Henry IV Parts One and Two.  ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED AT ALL CLASSES, as is scene-work as assigned.  ABSENCE FROM ANY CLASS AT WHICH YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO PRESENT A SCENE, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS WITH A PARTNER WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE REFLECTED IN YOUR GRADE.  You are responsible for scheduling your own rehearsal time for assignments that require it.  Lateness to class impedes our collective work, and is a discourtesy to your fellow students, and will be reflected in your grade.


Theatre Productions to be seen (to be announced):


Books to be purchased, Pennsylvania Book Center (34th and Sansom Sts.):


Cicely Berry:  The Actor and the Text.

William Shakespeare, The Sonnets, Pelican Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare, Henry IV Part One, Pelican Shakespeare.

            William Shakespeare, Henry IV Part Two, Pelican Shakespeare.


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