Professor Mazer
Spring 1999

Office Hours: Tu 11:00-Noon, 1:30-3:00; Th 1:30-3:00
Bennett Hall 305, x7382

January 12: Introduction: What is Theatre History?

January 14: Theatre, Theatres, and Cities

January 19: The Theatre and the City-State January 21: Ancient Greece I: Architecture and Stagecraft January 26: Ancient Greece II: January 28: Ancient Greece III: February 2: Recreating Classicism: Italian Renaissance Theatres February 4: Recreating Classicism: Italian Renaissance Scenes and Machines February 9: English Renaissance Popular Theatre I: Architecture February 11: English Renaissance Popular Theatre II: Stage Conventions February 16: English Renaissance Popular Theatre III: Audiences. February 18: English Renaissance Popular Theatre IV February 23: English Renaissance Popular Theatre V: The Theatre and the City February 25: The Stuart Masque (with slides). March 2: Recreating the Rules: French Neo-Classicism I March 4: Recreating the Rules: French Neo-Classicism II [Spring Break]

March 16: Recreating the Rules: French Neo-Classicism III

March 18: Baroque Theatres and Scenography March 23: Recreating the Rules: French Neo-Classicism IV March 25: Recreating the Rules: Neo-Classicism reconsidered March 30: Recreating a Theatre for a Nation: Wagner April 1: (to be announced)

April 6: Reconstruction: Victorian Elizabethanism

April 8: Reconstruction: The Globe I April 13: The Globe II: Performances and Audiences April 15: The Globe III: The Shakespeare Industry April 20: Recreating an Aesthetic April 22: Catch-up and conclusions

You are responsible for participation in ONE prepared scene, to be presented during the classes noted. BRING YOUR SCRIPTS TO CLASS THAT DAY, even if you are not participating in the prepared in-class staging; if no one has signed up in advance to stage a scene, we might work through a scene and put it on its feet during the class hour. There will be TWO take-home essay assignments, plus ONE final research project, due at a date to be announced, on a topic that must MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE. Attendance in class is crucial; CHRONIC ABSENCE OR LATENESS WILL BE COUNTED AGAINST YOU.

The following books can be purchased at the Penn Book Center:

The bulkpack can be purchased at the Campus Copy Center, 39th and Walnut.

The listserv for this course is mazer140@english. An electronic version of this syllabus can be found at: Make a bookmark for this site on your web browser.

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