Theatre Arts 110


Professor Mazer

Spring 2001


519 Annenberg Center, 3-2659;

Office Hours: Tu Noon-1:15; Th 11:00-Noon; and by appointment


(unless stated otherwise, all readings are in W.B. Worthen, ed., The HBJ Anthology of Drama)


January 16: Introduction


January 18: Aeschylus, Agamemnon


January 23: Sophocles, Oedipus Rex


January 25: Euripides, The Bacchae (in separate volume, as The Bakkhai, trans. Robert Bagg)


January 30: Aristophanes, Lysistrata


February 1: Anonymous, The Second Shepherd’s Pageant


February 6: Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus


February 8: William Shakespeare, Hamlet


February 13: Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Life is a Dream


[APPROXIMATE DATE: First take-home assignment]


February 15: Molière, Tartuffe


February 20: Jean Racine, Phaedra


February 22: Aphra Behn, The Rover


February 27: Carlo Goldoni, La Locandiera (aka Mirandolina) (bulkpack)


March 1: Friedrich Schiller, The Robbers (bulkpack)


March 6: Alexandre Dumas, fils, The Lady of the Camelias (aka Camille) (bulkpack)


March 8: Henrik Ibsen, A Doll House




March 20: Anton Chekhov, The Seagull (in separate volume)


March 22: G. Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara


[APPROXIMATE DATE: Second take-home assignment]


March 27: Georg Büchner, Woyzeck (bulkpack)


March 29: Luigi Pirandello, Six Characters in Search of an Author


April 3: Bertolt Brecht, Mother Courage


April 5: Samuel Beckett, Endgame


April 10: Peter Weiss, Marat/Sade (in separate volume)


April 12: In-class writing exercise.


April 17: LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), Dutchman


April 19: David Henry Huang, M. Butterfly


April 24: Tony Kushner, Angels in America Part I: Millenium Approaches


April 26: Suzan-Lori Parks, The America Play



In addition to the two take-home essays and the in-class exercise, there is a final examination, at the date scheduled by the registrar.


Books (including The HBJ Anthology of Drama, The Bakkhai, Chekhov The Major Plays, Marat/Sade) can be purchased at the Penn Book Center (at 34th and Sansom Sts.); the Bulkpack can be purchased at the Campus Copy Center, 39th and Walnut.


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