Max Cavitch

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Abd Al Malik, interview (video)

Abd Al Mailk et Francois Cluzet (video)

Abd al Malik 2008 (video)

Shadi Abd Al-Salam, La Momie [The Night of Counting the Years] (1969, video)

James Bidgood (dir.), Pink Narcissus (1971, video)

Jim Campbell, Scattered Light (video of installation)

Max Cavitch, mini-lecture on "autotheory" and "autoethnography" (2020)

---, "Self Translations" (2021), Princeton Migration Lab

---,  "Twains Meet," Park Church Lecture Series (available to stream or download) (2020)

CBS Reports: The Homosexuals (1967, video)

Jem Cohen Films

Critical Past (video archive)

Angela Davis, interview avec France-Inter (15 mai 1975, vidéo)

Rose-Lynn Fisher, "The Topography of Tears" (2013, photography)


Hollis Frampton, from Surface Tension (1968, video)

Jean Genet, Un chant d'amour (video)

Getty Images

Werner Herzog on chickens (video)

The Humping Pact

Macaulay Library of Biodiversity Audio and Video

Guy Maddin (dir.), Sissy-Boy Slap-Party (2004, video)

Gérard Miller (dir.), La première séance (video)

North American English Dialects (interactive map)

Gonzague Pichelin and Benjamin Sutherland (dirs.), Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man (video)

photography Web magazines: The 37th Frame, Ahorn, Blur, Burn, Chambre noire, File, Flak Photo, Fraction, F-Stop, Lens Culture, Lunatic, Making Room, Pixel Press, Posi+tive, Purpose, Vewd, Visual Candies, Zone Zero

William Probst,
home movies with William Burroughs, Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg, et al. (1996)

Psyche on Campus: a blog on teaching psychoanalysis in the undergraduate classroom (and beyond)

Maggie Robbins, reading and discussion of Suzy Zeus Gets Organized, Kelly Writers House (audio)

Mark Ryden and Marion Peck, Sweet Wishes (video)

Andrea Simon, dir., Emma Lazarus: Poet of Exiles (2011)

Jamie Stuart, Man in a Blizzard (video)


UltraSlo (video)

Michael Warner, "The Evangelical Public Sphere" (audio)

"Writing about Mental Health" (Kelly Writers House, 2014), various speakers; myself at 16:20-27:27


ZooScope: The Animals in Film Archive

on-line film journals: Bright Lights, Cadrage, Clap Noir, Hors Champ, Rouge, Senses of Cinema, Slant